The "Everyone Wave to the Tadami Line" Regulation


This illustration depicts the “sincerely” established actual regulation called「The "Everyone Wave to the Tadami Line" Regulation

at Yanaizu, Mishima, Syowa, Kanayama, Tadami and Uonuma (Niigata pref.) — 6 municipalities along and near the Tadami-line on March 2015, where there’s no prospect of full recovery for the area.


On the Tadami Line, you can see, here and there, local residents and people visiting the area waving to each other. 

The illustrations are staff of the Tadami Town Tourism Development Association and those of the Scarecrows, who sit across from JR Tadami Station, waving to the Tadami Line train.


The other day in Tokyo, I met a person who once rode on the Tadami Line. When I showed this Illustration to him, he took one look and said “ Oh, it’s Tadami Station”. He recognized the type of train cars and the shrine you can see past the scarecrows.


When he visited Tadami Station, it was 30 years ago. 

As the times change, the memorable scenery is still here in Tadami and continues to be loved by all who see it.

illust [The "Everyone Wave to the Tadami Line" Regulation]
The "Everyone Wave to the Tadami Line" Regulation

Between Kanayama and Tadami, which is still using substitution buses, is the last section still waiting to be repaired after the collapse of the iron river bridges caused by “the 2011 Niigata-Fukushima Heavy Rainfall event”. 

It was decided to complete restoration in June 2017 and the recovery work could be seen from 2018.


Before the Tadami Line restoration decision, there have been various projects and activities to spread information both inside and outside of the prefecture and to promote active and continuous use by the local residents.


「The "Everyone Wave to the Tadami Line" Regulation

is one of the local efforts to promote the restoration of the Tadami Line



Scarecrows seem to have joined the group waving in the field beside Tadami Station on June 1, 2018. You can see it in the article "Wave to the Tadami Line!" 

Tadami, Fukushima pref.

Located in a heavy snowfall region in the south-west of Fukushima prefecture on the border with Niigata prefecture. Declared「Shizen shuto・Tadami(Capital of Nature・Tadami)in 2007.

Its natural environment and resources together with the life and culture of its residents were judged particularly valuable among the modern world environment,

In 2014 it was designated as a biosphere reserve under the Man and the Biosphere Program. UNESCO’s Japan committee calls them Eco Parks.