Oku-Aizu Tadami Illustration & Photo Exhibition @ Mita Sta.:Reporting on Season 1

Season 1:Seasons of Tadami Town 

This series of Mita Exhibitions is held by Geijutsu Arts Club Tadami at Gallery Corner near Exit A8 in Mita Sta. (Closest Sta.: Mita Sta. Mita/Asakusa Line, JR Tamachi Sta.)

From Spring 2017 to Winter 2018, each of Tadami’s four seasons were shown throughout the year at their respective exhibitions.

During the spring exhibition, we also held Blues Live (I play Blues Harp & sing) one night at Curry House Hayashi near A8 Exit of Mita Station.

You can see my photos of the exhibitions at the gallery and the illustrations and photos shown at each exhibition.


Mita Exhibiton Season 1:Seasons of Tadami Town

On the Season pages, there are individual links to the illustrations shown at each exhibition.

The explanations are in Japanese but there are English titles for each so I hope they will pique your interest and maybe you'll become more intrigued by our culture.


For the English page, I’ll update the explanations one by one when they are ready.


Tadami, Fukushima pref.

Located in a heavy snowfall region in the south-west of Fukushima prefecture on the border with Niigata prefecture. Declared「Shizen shuto・Tadami(Capital of Nature・Tadami)in 2007.

Its natural environment and resources together with the life and culture of its residents were judged particularly valuable among the modern world environment,

In 2014 it was designated as a biosphere reserve under the Man and the Biosphere Program. UNESCO’s Japan committee calls them eco parks.